Team Building Workshops


Workshops for Building Teamwork

Whether the level of teamwork in your organization is high or low, a team-building workshop is worth your consideration. If teamwork is good, take it from good to great. If it's not so good, it's time to start the change process. Most organizations consider on-the-job skills training an essential part of doing business. When you consider the value of a winning team, teamwork training is equally essential.

teamwork_exerciseStart with Your Managers

In the world of sports, every team has a coach. In the world of business, we have managers and supervisors, but few real coaches. In fact, most managers are so unskilled in the art of team-building that they actually sabotage their own team-building efforts through their words and actions. In our leadership team-building workshops, we teach your executives, managers and supervisors the art of effective coaching and team building.

Teamwork Training for All Employees

You can send a positive signal through your organization by scheduling a leadership team-building workshop for managers and supervisors, followed by a workshop for all employees. Teamwork demands a new level of effort from everyone, and employees want to know that this isn't just a "rah-rah" meeting that will fade away after the facilitator leaves.

Behavioral Style Assessments

Teamwork requires communication, understanding, and the ability to adapt to the behavioral styles of each member of the team. We highly recommend including behavioral-style assessments with your team-building workshop.

DISC assessmentsPrior to the workshop, each participant completes an online survey and receives a 20-page personal profile via email. The profiles, based on the DISC model, are very accurate and provide a detailed assessment of the participant's behavioral and communication style. The assessments are used as an integral component of the workshop and provide the means for getting to the heart of personality conflicts and barriers to teamwork between members of the team.

For more information about our workshops with DISC assessments, please visit our DISC Training Workshops website.

We can structure a comprehensive team-building program that brings a new level of accountability to every manager, supervisor and employee. Contact us today to learn more about the options we can offer you, including workshops, management & leadership training, interpersonal skills training, one-on-one coaching, assessments, and ongoing consulting services.

Jumpstart this Year's Company Picnic

If you're not ready for a full-blown, ongoing team-building program, do something simple: transform one of your annual or quarterly events into a team-building event. We can structure a team-building workshop for any number of employees, for any time slot you may have, from one hour to a full day. If you have an annual holiday party, company picnic, employee appreciation day, or quarterly review meeting, we can transform it into a team-building experience.

A Great Addition to Your Annual Sales Meeting

Your sales team needs a shot of teamwork. Sales managers need to be sales coaches. Sales people need to work with customers, home-office personnel and support people as a team. Teach them the art of teamwork with a fun and entertaining team-building workshop. Just schedule a one-hour, four-hour or full-day slot in this year's agenda.

Team-Building for Your Executive Team Retreat

If you plan a retreat for your executive team each year, add team-building to the agenda. Clearly you have to focus on your financial plan, your product strategy and your key result areas for next year. But how much real teamwork do you see among your executive team on a daily basis? Whatever your answer is, adding a team-building workshop to this year's agenda makes sense. Make your retreat a fun and rewarding team-building experience.

Team Building

Team-Building Workshops for All Occasions

We can fit a team-building workshop into any event or occasion. Just contact us and we'll do the rest. If you can't think of an occasion, let's make Teamwork the occasion and schedule a standalone event. Show your managers and employees that you value them. Schedule a team-building workshop today.


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